Have You Had A Bad Shopping Experience?

Here are 7 tips to ensure a good shopping experience:

1) Make an appointment with a store that will provide a Consultant dedicated solely to you. Also as a side note, if you make an appointment and your schedule has changed and/or you found your gown elsewhere, always give the bridal store a courtesy phone call to cancel or re-schedule. After-all they reserved a dressing room especially for you and there might be another bride who can take your timeslot.

2)  Do your research. Start looking at wedding gowns on Pinterest or wedding magazines to show your Consultant dress styles you love. If you have been to other stores and have pictures of favorites you tried on, always let your Consultant know so she can see what you have chosen. This will help her create a vision of what you are looking for.

3)  Keep an open mind and allow your Consultant to help you. This is their field of expertise and they are there to advise you on how to find the perfect gown that will flatter your body type, fit your wedding style and personality. Also, be open to try on different silhouettes/styles to make sure you haven’t missed anything. 

4) Wear proper under-garments to your appointment. Allow your Consultant to assist you in putting on the wedding gowns (wedding gowns are hard to manage) this will make it easy for you. By them doing all the work, your guests can just sit back and enjoy the “fashion show”. 

5) Set a price point you want to stay in and share it with your Consultant so they will know what to show you. Wherever you shop, your budget should be respected.

6) Be sure to take the person(s) who will help you make a decision in the event you find your perfect wedding gown on your first visit. Some stores offer first-visit incentives and can save you $$. We recommend you take no more than 3-4 people whose opinions you value and who will support you 100%. Most stores will require a 50%-60% down payment to place your order; others might require full-payment up front. Payment plans may also be offered for off-the-rack wedding dresses.

7. Most importantly, enjoy the process. Cherish every moment of your wedding planning, especially searching for the wedding gown of your dreams. Remember to always be true to yourself. At the end of the day, if I may be blunt, it’s your wedding and if you LOVE your dress then go for it regardless of someone else’s personal opinion. Don’t be afraid to say “yes to the dress” if you LOVE it and you wouldn’t change anything about it. Just make a decision to STOP looking after you get your dress and move on to the next thing on your wedding planning list. After all, when you said “yes” to your fiance did you keep looking to make sure you made the right decision? Same with your wedding dress.

Be Distinctive Beautiful!

Best Wishes!